Introducing Wellness Warrior Rx

Wellness Warrior Rx is the Nation’s most innovative wellness program combining comprehensive diagnostic testing with a personalized health prescription.

It uses proprietary assessment algorithms to generate your own Health Grade, calculates your true Biological Age and provides your personalized Wellness Warrior Prescription.

This personalized prescription is your blueprint to improve your Health Grade, Increase your Performance, lower your Biological Age and Achieve your Genetic Potential!

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Personal Health Assessment

Your Personal Health Assessment is performed using genetic and microbiome tests, functional lab testing, questionnaires and a physical examination.

Your data is entered into a proprietary assessment algorithm to generate your personal Health Grade and determine your true biological age.

Your Health Grade identifies your strengths and weaknesses and provides a clear understanding of what aspects of health you can improve.

Your personalized Wellness Warrior Prescription is created based on your Health Grade, and it outlines the approach that is best for you.

Personal Health Assessment

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