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About the Program

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Wellness Warrior Rx is not your ordinary health and wellness program.

A new world is emerging. Many people, perhaps you as well, sense it and are looking for ways to grow, change and make contributions that help to bring about a new and better world. Wellness Warrior Rx uses scientifically validated techniques and tools to create a life of optimal performance and health.

What if getting healthy and creating habits that benefited your health was actually fun? What if you had professional guidance during your journey, someone to break down exactly what your body needs—and why?

Wellness Warrior Rx makes this a reality.

dr-ryan-lzarusDeveloped by Dr. Ryan Lazarus, MSc, CNS, DC, the Wellness Warrior Rx program provides a comprehensive analysis of your current health state then gives you with everything you need—physically, mentally, and spiritually—to make a positive change.

From day one to the day you “graduate” as an official Wellness Warrior, you’ll see improvements, and you’ll gain valuable knowledge about your body and its internal systems, helping you maintain your new-and-improved state for life. You’ll collect points, pass checkpoints and goals along the way, letting you know that you’re on the right path to health and creating valuable benchmarks so you can track your progress in real-time.

Contact us today to learn how the Wellness Warrior Rx program works, and your first step toward becoming a Wellness Warrior.


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