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    How WWRx is Unique

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    How WWRx is Unique 2017-05-18T20:13:55-04:00

    Doctor-with-iPad2How Wellness Warrior Rx is Unique.

    When it comes to your health, you have two choices: You can be Reactive or you can be Proactive.

    We believe the conventional medicine approach to health is reactive. The “pill for an ill” and “one size fits all” approach does not provide better health outcomes. As a result, there is a massive paradigm shift looming in healthcare demanding the proactive movement.

    A new world is emerging. Many people, perhaps you as well, sense it and are looking for ways to grow, change and make contributions that help to bring about a new and better world. Wellness Warrior Rx uses scientifically validated techniques and tools to create a life of optimal performance and health.

    • The Wellness Warrior program is an all-inclusive, personalized health prescription that addresses mind, body, and spirit.

    • You would need to visit seven or more different medical and health providers to obtain this wide-ranging health information.

    • This cutting-edge approach is now available in one convenient functional medicine wellness practice.

    Health & Wellness Services Comparison

    Medical & Health Providers

    Services Wellness Warrior
    Primary Care
    Nutritionist Physical
    Complete Blood Count * * *
    Lipid Panel * * *
    Metabolic Markers * * *
    Inflammatory Markers * *
    Lipoprotein Markers * *
    Genetic Labs * *
    Microbiome Labs * *
    Toxicity Screen * *
    Adrenal Analysis * *
    Digital Posture Screen * *
    Joint Corrections * *
    Digital Body Comp * *
    Nutrient Testing * *
    Personalized Diet Instruction * *
    Nutraceutical Prescriptions * *
    Functional Movement * * *
    Muscle Therapy * * * *
    Personal Exercise Prescription * * * *

    Been That, Done There!

    There can be many challenges with compliance and motivation to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We have observed cookie-cutter wellness programs based on outdated health parameters and witnessed firsthand patient failure. We believe these failed because they were missing critical components. These components are what make Wellness Warrior Rx unique.

    Achieving a lifestyle of optimal health and human performance must be personalized and enjoyable for long-term success. Wellness Warrior is different because it provides a realistic alternative to the obsolete concept that being healthy is difficult and unpleasant. It will provide the blueprint for enjoying the journey to health, which ultimately leads to a healthy lifestyle. In other words, you will appreciate and enjoy achieving your genetic potential!

    Contact us today to begin your Wellness Warrior journey.