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    Wellness Warrior Ambassadors
    "I don't think it's possible to understand more about the makeup of my body chemistry then I do now. The Wellness Warrior program took away the guessing game and broke down my health in a very clear and understandable way. I now know the information I need to maximize my overall health!"

    Maggie Rizer, 34 -Fashion Model Celebrity
    Wellness Warrior Rx Video Testimonial

    Jason Caldwell, 35 - Captain of Latitude 35 Racing Team, World Record Holder
    "I have been fortunate enough to visit highly rated nutritionists and training centers all over the country. Dr. Lazarus is miles above anyone I had the chance to work with, both in knowledge of the entire body and implementation of health improvement plans.

    Once you discover how many variables make up each marker, you would be hard pressed to develop a more accurate way to score your health and wellness."

    Drew Bennett, 37- Former NFL Wide Receiver Athlete
    Wellness Warrior Rx Video Testimonial

    Mark Ibanez - 60 KTVU Sports Anchor
    "I have been teaching in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 30 years. 'One Size' does not fit all, and I would encourage everyone to personalize their nutrition and exercise lifestyle plan. Dr. Ryan Lazarus and the Wellness Warrior Rx program are on the cutting edge of wellness.

    I recently had my DNA and blood panels evaluated for the proper diet, exercise and nutraceuticals specific to my genetic makeup. I have always enjoyed eating healthy and working out/teaching daily and now my energy level has improved plus my overall well-being has been enhanced. I truly feel like a "wellness warrior and recommend the program to everybody!"

    Celeste Carducci-Ahnfeldt, 61 - College Health Professor & Fitness Expert
    Video Testimonial - "Wellness Warrior Rx has changed my life!"

    Toni McIntosh, 69 - Thriving Senior
    "Dr. Lazarus is exceptionally knowledgeable about health and is a concerned, engaged, compassionate and energetic motivator.

    The wellness warrior point system was a very effective system that kept me excited and motivated! It has been an incredibly valuable experience that I believe everyone could benefit from!"

    Carrie Gunderson, 46 - Wellness Warrior Mom
    "Dr. Lazarus is not only knowledgeable but an exemplary role model for health and wellness. The Health Grade and Biological Age alerted me to various deficiencies.

    The point system and warrior belts were perfect because I love the competition and challenges. Wellness Warrior Rx was valuable to give me my clear path to more healthy living."

    Bill Chadwick, 64 - Instructor for International Defense Acquisition Program

    "Wellness Warrior Rx has changed my life! It's vital that I have plenty of energy for every show and the Wellness Warrior program has completely improved my performance on stage."

    Jeff Fletcher, 49 - Wonderbread 5 Lead Singer