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    Biological Age: Aging is a fact of life. Feeling your age is not!

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    Aging is a Fact of Life. Feeling your Age is Not!

    Most of us would prefer not to talk about our age. We celebrate 39th birthdays over and over again, and are in constant search of the latest anti-aging treatments to look and feel younger than we actually are.

    There is some new backing behind the “Age is just a number,” saying. Many people report feeling significantly older or younger than they actually are. Have you ever asked someone their age and been surprised by the answer? That’s because of their biological age—a much more reliable measurement of overall health than one’s chronological age.

    What is biological age?

    Chronological age represents how old you are, based on the number of years since your birth. But biological age represents how old your body is.

    Biological age is why some people appear to age faster than others; why some people live longer than others. The physiological and cellular changes that our bodies go through are not all directly correlated with the number of birthdays we’ve celebrated.

    Recent advancements now allow us to determine your biological age and get a clearer picture of your overall health and well-being. A high biological age, indicating worse health, can indicate higher risks for chronic diseases and dementia than one’s chronological age, indicating a need to make some lifestyle changes in an effort of prevention.

    The good news about biological age is you can in fact be younger than your real age!

    Testing Biological Age

    Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have conducted a study and developed a simple blood test to determine biological age. The study, which tested blood samples from 976 young adults between the ages of 20-50, was able to estimate each person’s biological age and identify how different lifestyle factors—like stress, smoking or exercise—can speed up or slow down the body’s aging process.

    This new test is the first reliable method for measuring how a person is aging compared to others, and why. It will be able to offer people proof of how their lifestyle habits are directly affecting their health, and then hopefully ignite their motivation to make the necessary changes that will improve their well being and potentially prolong their life. In addition, these findings will likely lead to the development of new rejuvenation therapies.


    Do you want to look and feel younger, lose the medications and reverse the aging process? Defying age could be as simple as understanding your unique physiology. But where do you start? Find out your biological age and health grade with the Wellness Warrior Rx Assessment.

    Welcome to Wellness Warrior Rx – Your blueprint to organic anti-aging and lowering your biological age.

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