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    Microbiome: Did you know that our bodies are made mostly of bacteria?

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    Did you know that our bodies are made mostly of bacteria? It’s true—the stuff you’ve been told your whole life is bad for you, the stuff you’ve worked so hard to avoid and wipe away, outnumbers your own cells 10-1.

    This might sound alarming, but in reality, bacteria is not only good for you, but actually has a positive effect your health. We couldn’t survive without bacteria and the ticket is in the microbiome.

    The Microbiome

    The microbiome is a huge collection of bacteria that lives in your gut. It’s also one of the most powerful parts of your body, working to maintain and even improve your health, prevent disease and heal chronic diseases, not just manage them.

    Think of the microbiome as your second brain, and maybe even the more important one. Not only does it allow the gut wall to absorb nutrients to keep out toxins and partially digested foods, it also acts as your body’s conductor. It affects and interacts with every other system in your body, including your brain, simultaneously, and can even cause modifications in your DNA. So if the microbiome isn’t healthy, you’re not healthy.

    Taking Care of the Microbiome

    Many of us take specific steps or medications to reach individual health goals within ourselves. One pill for our blood pressure, another for cholesterol. We drink milk for stronger bones and eat kale to improve our eyesight.

    But a big shift is happening in the medical world. It’s time you stop looking at your body as parts—your bones, your muscles, your organs—and think of it as a whole, because everything is connected.

    How can you treat your entire body at once? Not with just one pill.

    New research and advancements show that if you take care of the microbiome, the microbiome will take care of you. Even small changes to the microbiome, like a dietary shift or taking a probiotic, can have a powerful impact throughout your entire being: body, mind and spirit. This powerful force can not just heal diseases, but prevent them from occurring in the first place.

    And we now have the technology to test the bacteria of your microbiome to look for deficiencies. With these discoveries, physicians can hand you a tailored prescription, including anything from lifestyle changes to supplements, personalized to your unique needs. We are all unique human beings with different makeups. So why should you take the same drug as someone else and expect the same results?

    Once this personalized plan has been implemented for some time, your physician will re-test your microbiome to measure the changes that have come as a result. For instance, if you switched to a low-carb diet, you might find that the bacteria has changed from fat-metabolizing to carbohydrate metabolizing bacteria. With the positive changes, you’ll start to see a new you emerge, better from the inside out.


    Repeat after me: Bacteria is not your enemy. The sooner you adopt this new way of thinking, the sooner you can get on track to a healthier, happier you. Your microbiome is your new best friend, but how can you treat is as such?

    Welcome to Wellness Warrior Rx – Your blueprint to improving your health and healing your body, mind and soul.

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