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    Microbiome Assessment

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    Microbiome Assessment 2017-05-18T20:13:56-04:00

    What is my Microbiome?

    What if your overall health and weight didn’t only depend on what you eat and the amount of exercise you do? What if there were other factors responsible? What is one factor that affects your health and may be stopping you from losing weight no matter how little you eat or how much exercise you do? Enter the human microbiome.

    The human microbiome has been called “a forgotten organ” because of its role in facilitating human health—a role that is still being elucidated but that nevertheless is emerging as important. Colonization of the gut begins at birth, and the microbial community that develops over time is shaped by many influences, including the individual’s genetic makeup, age, foods, and pharmaceuticals consumed, lifestyle, and more. A healthy gut contains a balanced mixture of many beneficial species. Under certain circumstances an unnatural shift in this balance can cause microbes that are normally benign or beneficial to induce inflammation.

    Over the past decade, science has begun to investigate the microbiome that each and every one of us carries in and on our bodies. Your microbiome contains 10 times more cells than you have in your whole body, and it accounts for somewhere around three to six pounds of your total weight! Your microbiome is one of the primary factors that drives your genetic expression, turning genes on and off depending on which microbes are present. Many researchers believe it may be the single most important marker of overall health.

    What is the role of your Microbiome?

    Your bacteria perform all sorts of vital jobs, and there is a wealth of evidence that the human microbiome has profound consequences for our health. It has been correlated with a wide range of health conditions, from obesity, autoimmune conditions, allergies, heart health, digestive function, IBS, anxiety, and depression.

    We believe optimizing your gut flora may be one of the most important things you can do for your health. Improving your microbiome will not only improve your digestive function and gut health—it can help normalize your weight, too, and it’s a critical component for a well-functioning immune system, which is your primary defense against virtually all disease.

    Understanding your microbiome can be very complicated and is generally only assessed by researchers. However, new testing technology is now available through the Wellness Warrior Rx program that shows your unique bacteria diversity and how it relates to your health. We evaluate your results, give you a Microbiome Health Grade, and provide personalized recommendations to improve and optimize your gut flora. The best part of this cutting-edge approach is that we show you how your microbiome improves over the duration of your Wellness Warrior Rx.

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