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    Toxicity Screening

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    The impact of environmental toxicity on your health is startling in the United States.

    Over 80,000 chemicals flow through your environment, and many are going straight into your body. Due to this constant exposure, we have approximately 200 synthetic industrial chemicals interacting with your cells every single day. Every one of us is exposed to a wide range of compounds on a daily basis, such as plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, drugs, and industrial compounds.

    A clear factor in your toxic body burden is exposure. How many toxins are entering the body, and over how long a period of time is this occurring? An individual chemical may not be particularly toxic in super-low doses. However, if that chemical is entering your body every day for years, and is doing so in combination with various mixtures of countless other chemicals, this can surpass a threshold beyond which toxicity can occur. Our bodies must be able to manage and excrete this wide range of potentially damaging substances.

    Toxin Research

    Until recently, modern science really didn’t understand what that could mean for all of us in the long run, but that is changing. Research suggests that your exposure begins very early in life. Once thought to be protected by the placental barrier, even infants have shown signs of in-utero toxic exposure. In fact, a 2005 Environmental Working Group (EWG) investigation found over 200 toxic compounds in the cord blood of 10 newborns.

    Globally, disease rates are on the rise. Diseases that are linked to toxin exposure include many types of cancers, metabolic diseases, and many syndromes characterized by fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain, and cognitive dysfunction. Theories about the causes abound, yet the issues are complex and often muddied by the maneuvering of political and corporate interests.

    Wellness Warrior Rx Approach

    The bottom line in the Wellness Warrior Rx approach to toxicity is that the total body burden of toxins should be given careful consideration in anyone who has fatigue, cognitive issues, weight gain, sleep disturbances, and other chronic symptoms. That requires understanding the overall picture of you as a person, the molecular dysfunction underlying your specific symptoms, and the probability of toxins having a role in that dysfunction.

    There are a handful of diagnostic tests that can measure your potential toxic exposure. Tests such as hair analysis, urine collection, and plasma blood can reveal your body’s toxic accumulation. These tests should be conducted to rule out serious toxin exposures. These tests might not be appropriate for you but everybody should complete a simple toxicity questionnaire. Wellness Warrior Rx provides you with the most complete toxin exposure questionnaire to assess your toxicity burden and provide a realistic game plan to reduce or remove these toxins.

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